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How To Talk To Your Child At 0-2 years of age


So keep interacting with your child as much as you can. At this age, they might not always respond to you but talking to them will help a lot in the development of the brain.

From the age of 0-2children are engaged in trying to develop a sense of being nurtured and loved. The only things they want during this age are love, affection & security. Babies are born with cognitive skills that allow them to recognize and respond to their caregivers. For example:-  they are able and ready to immediately hook the caregiver into a relationship with them— they get deeply attached to the people who keep them healthy and alive, it can be a mother, father, or just a “caretaker”.

Babies are born social creatures. From their earliest days, they begin to connect to and collect information from their caregivers. In fact, even newborns are capable of imitating facial expressions, demonstrating an understanding of how another’s actions relate to their own. During this age, children use their senses and actions to learn and grow. At this age, your toddler is developing mental representation.

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