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PUBG Theme Uzi Submachine 2 in 1 Gun Toy Set ,Target Shooting Role Play Game

  • GAME OF THE YEAR: It is the best online game. If you don’t want your child to be a mobile phone addict buy them this PUBG themed gun toy set and help them improve their creative skills and at the same time keep them updated with the latest popular game.
  • EASY TO USE: It is very simple to play with this gun:-Just open the magazine cover and put crystal water bullets-Install the laser light-Pull back and load!!!
  • BULLETS: The package contains 1000+ Water Ball, non-edible & non-frozen water bullets. Just put the water crystal bomb into a bottle or container, Pour water, Soak for 4 hours, the Crystal bomb will expand to a diameter of 6 mm to 7 mm at this time.
  • NOTE: light and heat can cause the crystal bomb to shrink, but you can re-inject it into the water to restore it.
  • SIMPLE & SAFE: Our team believes that toys should be simple and encourage kids to use their creativity, so we are presenting a toy that will let them develop their imagination. In order to avoid injury, please do not shoot crystal water bullets or soft bullets to people’s or animal’s eyes & face.

Range- Let kids choose their arena, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The shooting range of the gun is up-to 25 – 30 feet. It is a harmless toy that requires just a little bit of precautions while playing.

Dimensions – This is a toy gun designed for playing at the hands of children. Its total length is 33.4 cm, the length and width of the LASER unit are 6.5 cm by 3.4 cm respectively. The length and width of the magazine/handle is 4 cm by 7.5 cm.

LASER Light Targeting- The toy gun has a detachable LASER unit. This can assist the user in aiming, pointing, and shooting. The LASER unit is operated by small button cells and it can be switched on or off with the integrated switch.

GREAT PRESENT: If you too are on the search for a nice present for a child, then this PUBG Gun set by Wishkey is the answer! The widely famous game, this great pretend play toy is a gift appreciated by all.

Weight0.380 kg
Dimensions38 × 7 × 20 cm


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