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Premium Quality 8 Pcs Health Care & Grooming Kit Manicure Set for Newborn Infants

Our Wishkey Healthcare Set provides every basic thing that you needed for your little one. The 8 Pcs of Kit You Need In Your Baby Grooming Kit

  1.  Baby Hair Brush & Comb-Gently keep the child’s hair neat and tangle-free with the Gentle Care Brush and Comb Set. Designed especially for infants and toddlers with soft bristles.
  2. Baby Nail Clippers & Mini Nail File-The Nail Clipper Set includes clippers and Nail File, making it great for your baby. The standard nail clipper handle rotates 360 degrees for added control. The infant nail clipper has a rounded tip for safety.
  3. Baby Nail Scissors-This tiny tool has rounded tips that won’t nip your baby’s delicate fingers. The balanced handle loops feel comfortable.
  4. Baby Finger toothbrush-Gently care for your baby’s gums and emerging teeth with the infant Finger Toothbrush. The dual-sided brush fits over an adult finger to clean and massage baby’s gums.
  5. Tweezers – Rounded tip design for easy and safe to remove the secretions in the baby’s nostrils. Parents can also use them to clean the baby’s ear and bellybutton. The Tweezers can take the Dirt in the Mouth and Nasal Cavity of Children.
  6. Ear Pick: This beautifully designed ear wax remover has a strong LED light with 2 different tips for all wax removal. Easy to see.Easy to clean. Designed for kids and adults, remove wax easy fast, and clean with a fun remover for kids.

Diverse Baby Grooming Kit: 8 PCS Kolamom Baby Nursery Kit includes: Earpick, Clipper, File, Scissors, Comb, Tweezer, Hair Brush & Finger Toothbrush

Perfect Compact as A Gift: The baby health kit comes with a luxury case, all kits are organized perfectly on the case, parents can find everything easily. The case is light and small, it can be stored in the nursery drawer or diaper bag even for traveling. It can be an awesome baby shower gift.

Weight0.185 kg
Dimensions21.5 × 4 × 18.5 cm


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