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Indoor Basketball Shooting Game with Electronic Score Board For Kids & Adults

  • MULTI-PLAYER GAME: Whether playing solo or with a friend, this basketball game indoor set is a recipe for enthralling fun. Set up a ball on the spring-loaded launchers, let go, and see who can net the most balls in a set timeframe; the sharpest shooter is crowned the champ!
  • Movable Basket : The classic arcade game has 3 levels. The basket won’t move in the 1st level. The basket will move slowly in the 2nd level and will increase its speed to the maximum in the 3rd level.
  • In the pack : 1 score board,1 base board,1 basket,3 balls,2 plastic nets for set up of the board ,1 sticker sheet(3 AA batteries required for the score board, which are not included, you will have to buy it separately


PAUSE & PLAY BUTTON : The purpose of this button is to simply start or pause a game. You can pause the game when you urgently get busy while playing and renew the game as soon as you are free.

PLAYER CHANGE BUTTON : This button will help you to change the player, which will help to maintain the exact score of each player. Only 2 people can play at a time. Let the score board count the score and see who wins the battle.

TIME BUTTON : The timer button will help you to set a time limit for the basketball game. The timer has 2 options,1 for 45 seconds and 2nd for 90 seconds. This time limit feature will add more excitement to the game.

SPEED LEVEL : The last button is for speed level. There are 3 speed options available. In the 1st level the basket will remain still, in the 2nd level the basket will start moving and in the 3rd level the basket will move at the maximum speed. This speed feature will add more excitement and thrill to the board game.

Weight1.040 kg
Dimensions47 × 8 × 42 cm


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