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Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Shooting Gun Toy with 20 Safe Foam Bullets for Kids

  • Foam Blaster Soft Bullet is a Toy Gun with Foam Bullets and Suction Darts for kids. Have a great shooting dart game with this Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun. Kids will love to fire soft foam bullets and suction darts and hit imaginary targets.
  • This gun is easy to operate – load the soft bullets or suction darts from the front muzzle, pull the lever at the back, trigger and fire. The magazine can load 4 foam bullets at one time to make the action look all the more real.
  • Featuring a pull-back trigger firing action and quick chamber switching function, this gun is great for playing head to head or in teams. Quick to load bullet chamber loads and shoots at the same time
  • Its Super Exciting and Super Cool Shooting Fun for the whole family, right in the cozy indoors!! Ideal for kids ages 8+ years.

EASY TO OPERATE- Load the darts in the emission mouth and get ready to make an impact on the competition! Move the lever backward , then pull the trigger to fire a dart.

BUILT IN STORAGE FOR BULLETS- The gun can store 4 bullets in the bullets chamber under the muzzle for a efficient gun battle.

LONG RANGE & ACCURATE- Let kids choose their arena, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The shooting range of the gun is up-to 25 – 30 feet.

SAFE & DURABLE- Made of sturdy plastic.Soft Foam & EVA material,non-toxic reusable round head design darts with a hollow tip and an air-hole to soften the impact making it safe for the kids to play.


Weight0.340 kg
Dimensions24 × 4 × 15 cm


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