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Baby Doll Bath time Set – Real Bathtub with Detachable Shower Spray and Accessories

  • BATH TIME – It is the perfect doll set to teach your child the importance of cleanliness. The bathtub, doll and bath accessories like soap, shampoo and swim rings will Delight your Child.
  • LIFE-LIKE FEATURES – The bathtub along with bath accessories gives a life-like touch to the toy. The bathtub has all real like features and it runs through the motor.
  • BATTERY OPERATED MOTOR – The motor requires 3 batteries(batteries are not included)
  • HOW TO PLAY – Install batteries, pour water inside the bathtub through the hole in the middle of the tub and switch the motor on and see the magic!
  • DETACHABLE SHOWER: The shower can be used as a head shower, as well as a hand shower. Water will flow from the detachable shower and will give the feel of a real bathtub.



EFFECTIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT – Develop your child’s imagination with this realistic looking bathtub set. This incredible doll provides a superior alternative for pretend play. It’s time to give your child a break from Video Games! By introducing your child to Dolls your child will learn how to engage with babies properly to help them develop essential life skills. Children will love the fact that the doll and accessories can be in the bathtub just like them!!


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