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  • Cute Pretend Play Doll That Drinks & Wets with Doctor Set Tools Educational Toy

    • Life Like Features : The set includes a doll that drinks and wet just feed the doll water from her bottle and it gets wet just like a normal baby! The Stethoscope works efficiently, whenever pressed, it projects light along with a heartbeat sound,
    • 2 In 1 Play : The set includes doll and doctor tools. Kids can have hours of pretend play, pretending to be a doctor treating their patient or mommy/daddy feeding, nursing & dressing up their child.
    • PACKAGE CONTENT : 1 cute doll,1 feeding bottle, 1 stethoscope,1 injection & 1 thermometer.
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  • Fish Catching Game Toy Set With Magnetic Fish , Fishing Rod Stick , Music And Lights

    • ROTATING POND: It features double layer fish pond which rotates. Catch the fish with magnetic fishing rod from rotating fishpond.
    • LIGHTS & SOUND : The small pond rotates reflecting undersea scene with lights and music.
    • MULTIPLAYER GAME: This game of catching fish is suitable for 1-4 players.
    • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Pc Fish Pond, 26 Pcs Fish, 4 Pcs Fishing Rods.
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  • Doll With Complete Wardrobe Set Full Of Dresses and Accessories for Girls (Multicolour)

    • UNIQUE DESIGN – The portable doll closet has style inside and out with included fashions and accessories! Real working drawers and cabinets store accessories. “A doll for your doll”.
    • EFFECTIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT This incredible doll provides a superior alternative for pretend play – it helps in the cognitive development of the child and instills in her emotions of love and nurturing.
    • Simulates Imagination: A variety of different costumes make novelty for kids, children can dress up dolls according to their preferences enrich their imagination.
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  • Doll with Feeding Bottles & Potty Training Pretend Play Toy Accessories Set With Music

    • ACCESSORIES : The doll girl set includes potty seat, diaper, bib, tissue, food box and 3 bottles of different shapes and size.
    • CHILD DEVELOPMENT : Develop your child’s imagination with this realistic looking doll. This incredible Doll provides a superior alternative for pretend play to learn the daily course of life like feeding potty training etc.
    • MUSIC : The doll plays a different sounds which increases curiosity of your child.
    • MOVABLE JOINTS : The baby doll have flexible hands and legs which is easily movable.
    • MATERIAL : This toy is made of high quality non-toxic ABS plastic which is completely safe for your child.
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  • Fruit Truck On Wheels With Fruits,Knife & Chopper, Portable Food Bus

    • IN THE PACK : The pack contains 1 lemon,1 guava,1 banana,2 strawberry,1 water melon, 1 orange, 1 peach,1 tomato, 1 red chilly & 1 raspberry, 1 chopper board and 1 knife, 1 sheet of stickers inside the fruit truck on wheels.
    • EDUCATIONAL TOY : The fruit bus will help kids to learn about different colors & fruits.This set will help kids to develop their practical ability, social skills and motor skills.
    • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE ACCESSORIES : High-quality plastic and environment friendly materials, toxic free.All parts of this toy have smooth edges and are totally safe for kids.


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  • Musical Flip Mobile Phone Toy, Miniature Model CellPhone with Lights & Sound

    • LIGHT & MUSIC : The toy can produce variety of music and sound and can run on 2 modes-Dial mode and music mode. It can play Dialing sound, music and poem rhythm, animal sounds and message & call ringtones. The mobile has lights, which will blink everytime a key is pressed.
    • BATTERY OPERATED : This mini cell phone is battery operated and requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included, you will have to buy it separately.
    • AUTOMATIC SLEEP : The mobile don’t have any on/off button.It will start automatically by pressing any button. IF no operations take place , it will stop/sleep automatically.
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